The Shopper's Guide to Keto, Carnivore, and Paleo Diets

woman in white coat holding green shopping cart
woman in white coat holding green shopping cart


Ever wondered how to navigate the grocery store while sticking to a Keto, Carnivore, or Paleo diet? This shopper's guide will walk you through different sections of the store, pointing out must-have items and snacks to keep you on track.

The Meat Section: A Common Ground

Keto: Look for fatty cuts like ribeye steaks and chicken thighs.
Carnivore: Prioritize organ meats like liver for nutrient density.
Paleo: Opt for grass-fed, organic options whenever possible.

🍖 Snack Tip: Pre-cooked, nitrate-free sausages are a quick snack for all three diets.

The Produce Aisle: Greens and More

Keto: Avocados and leafy greens are your best friends here.
Carnivore: Skip this section, unless you're picking up herbs for seasoning.
Paleo: Stock up on a colorful array of fruits and vegetables.

🥑 Snack Tip: Baby carrots and guacamole make a great Paleo snack, while Keto dieters can enjoy guacamole with pork rinds.

The Dairy Corner: Choose Wisely

Keto: Heavy cream, butter, and full-fat cheeses are good choices.
Carnivore: If you tolerate dairy, go for hard cheeses and butter.
Paleo: This diet generally avoids dairy, but some people include ghee.

🧀 Snack Tip: Cheese cubes or slices are a quick snack for Keto and Carnivore diets.

The Seafood Section: Omega-3s Galore

Keto: Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are excellent.
Carnivore: Any fish or shellfish will do, but sardines offer extra nutrients.
Paleo: Wild-caught fish is the way to go.

🐟 Snack Tip: Canned sardines or tuna are convenient snacks for all three diets.

The Pantry Staples: Oils and Nuts

Keto: Coconut oil and olive oil are must-haves.
Carnivore: You'll mainly need animal fats like tallow or lard.
Paleo: Almond butter and coconut oil are great for cooking.

🥜 Snack Tip: For Keto and Paleo, a small bag of almonds or macadamia nuts can be a lifesaver.


Grocery shopping for Keto, Carnivore, or Paleo doesn't have to be a maze of confusion. With this shopper's guide, you'll know exactly where to go and what to pick up. From the meat section to pantry staples, you're now equipped to make diet-friendly choices without breaking a sweat.